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Pressure Foam Pillow
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  • SMALL SIZED FIRM MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS, SIZE 11.5" W x 13.0" D x 4.0". Firm and Hard to support and yet keep pressure of arm underneath. Small sized arm rest pillow with arm slot for use as arm pillow for side sleepers and side pillow with arm hole. This arm sleeper pillow with arm tunnel is the answer to be able to sleep better. A choice among pillow for arm numbness and elevated pillows for sleeping, this arm under head pillow is the pillow to put arm under in small size.
  • FIRM ARCHED PILLOW KEEPS PRESSURE OFF ARMS UNDERNEATH. This unique pillow for arms, is arched too allow arm under pillow and provide a space underneath for your arm or hand to rest naturally without pressure, helping to enhance your sleeping posture whether sleeping on your back, side, or front.The arched design of the small sized hard memory foam pillow with arm tunnel is also perfect for those who like to sleep with their arm under the pillow and use as arm pillows for adults side sleeper.
  • ANSWER TO PILLOW WITH ARM HOLE FOR SIDE SLEEPING IN A SMALL SIZE. A good night's sleep is crucial to our health and wellbeing, but for many of us it seems like a far-off dream. That's where our wedge pillow arm cutout with arched arm holes is a choice for side sleeping pillow with arm hole comes in - it not only cradles your head and neck in comfort without pressure on your arms, but our side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain also has a special space for your arm to rest without any pressure.
  • DESIGNED TO HELP YOU GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP WITHOUT PRESSURE ON YOUR ARMS. A lot of people toss and turn at night because they have no place to rest their arm. This arm under pillow side sleeper is a solution - the memory foam arm pillows for children and adults! This arm tunnel pillow side sleeper pillow with arm hole is designed to help you get a better night's sleep by providing a space for your arm to rest without any pressure. It's the perfect way to start your day!
  • WE ALL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP CAN MAKE! This pillow with arm hole for sleeping creates a space underneath your arm or hand to rest naturally, without putting any pressure on your neck or shoulders. At small sie 11.50? X 2.50? X 13.00?, these neck pillows for pain relief sleeping are also used as arm pillow for cuddling, pillow with arm hole for cuddling, perfect pillow for side sleepers with arm hole and as a shoulder pillow with arm hole. to be able to sleep better.
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