ultimatedeals - Oven Seam Protector (New Packaging)
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Oven Seam Protector (New Packaging)
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  • ENDS PROBLEM OF MESSES AND CRUMBS FALLING INTO GAP OF KITCHEN OVEN AND COUNTERS. Eliminates Sticky Messes and Crumbs from falling between your stove and counter top gap spaces with the silicone oven stove top gap stuffing cover protector that fits over open gap spaces in homes and rv's.
  • SET OF 2 FOR BOTH SIDES OF OVEN TOP AND STOVES. Set of 2 makes it convenient to use one on each side of ovens and stores. Durable heat resistant universal silicone oven seam protector gap filler stuffing cover can be used on many kinds of electric, gas, glass top kitchen ranges, stoves and ovens in rv, motor homes, apartments and homes.
  • INSTALLS INSTANTLY. NO TOOLS OR EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. Slides into place between your stove and counter. Due to the nature of the material the gap cover may not sit straight or flat and may fold upwards, but over time the gap filler folds will settle down due to its own weight and gravity. You may reduce this by soaking the oven seam protector in warm water for some time to loosen up the folds and then using the cover, but still allow it to settle down on its own over time.
  • CAN BE TRIMMED TO FIT TO SIZE. Measures 20" L x 2.5" W x .15" H. The 20-inch heat-resistant silicone strips oven seam gap filler covers can be used full length or easily trimmed to desired size according to the application. Heat Resistant Up to 400°F. Works with almost any type of oven and removes easily for cleaning.
  • ITEM WILL ARRIVE IN A COLOR GIFT BOX FOLDED. When laid to cover over gap, it will be folded and will need time to settle down. Please allow enough enough time for it to flatten. To speed up the flattening, you can palce some heavy object over it to help it settle down quicker.
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