ultimatedeals - Deluxe Dog Grass Potty Pad with Tray
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Deluxe Dog Grass Potty Pad with Tray
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  • ?? FINDING PUDDLES IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES? Now you can teach your puppy or adult dog how to do the right thing with the new dog grass pad with tray. MAKE HOUSEBREAKING EASIER for the times when you are home late, or unable to let your pet outside due to illness or bad weather. We include a step by step manual for teaching any dog how to use it! This grass pee pads for dogs with tray simplifies the process by offering a spot for your dog to relieve, avoiding ACCIDENTS IN THE HOUSE.
  • ?? PERFECT FOR ANYTIME YOU NEED A TEMPORARY SOLUTION - Having a puppy grass pads option is useful for disabled or recovering from surgery dogs, a person with a physical disability, bad weather, or when traveling. The potty patch large size 30" L x 20 " W x 1.75" H makes it ideal for both puppies and big dogs, being portable so you can place it almost anywhere, especially in small apartments, but ALSO OUTDOORS LIKE PATIOS, BALCONIES. EXTRA GRASS MAT INCLUDED.
  • ?? NON-TOXIC & SAFE TO USE AROUND YOUR PET - If Max refuses to go potty outside during cold or rainy weather, can you really blame him? There are some dogs that HATE to go outside in different types of extreme or inclement weather, causing accidents in the house. To avoid this, and the frustration that is sure to follow, the dog grass pee pad is a solution for bringing his potty spot indoors so your canine companion can still go regardless of the bad weather.
  • ?? NO SLIPPING WHEN THE DOG PASSES OVER IT - This pet grass for dogs potty sets up is instant, just pull it out of the box and it?s ready to be used. We also include four non-slip silicone pads that will keep it from sliding when the dog passes over it. These can be applied if you use the dog potty grass on a slippery floor, like laminate flooring, solid wood or tiled floor. When you want to clean the dog pee grass pad, simply rinse off the dirt with the hose.
  • ?? SAVE YOUR FLOOR AND SANITY - This pet grass for dogs to pee and poop on encloses a three-layer system that makes clean up effortless. The first layer of the pet loo is a 20 x 30 inches dog pee grass mat for dogs that offers a natural feel and look. The middle elevated grid tray has holes to allow liquid to drain to a durable plastic bottom base tray, keeping the grass patch for dogs dried. All three pieces are fixed with 2 plastic clamps, so your dog can?t pull and chew them.
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